Monday, February 19, 2018

Goblin Cavalry and a Wizard

Hello. Another installment of my Goblin Army in progress.

This is a Goblin Fleabag Riders, 'Regiment' for Kings of War. Based on a Plastic Mantic unit tray. I added rocks, sand, paint and flock of course. I also added a Perry plastic shield and a small Renedra Barrel to add interest and more detail to find. Originally I planned for the Boss looking dude to be at the front atop the same two rocks but I changed my mind and went for four across the front instead.
The leader was a regular Skull Pass Games Workshop Night Goblin but I shortened the spear and gave him the big sickle moon weapon just for fun.

Here is the first Hero. A Goblin Wizard with a golden cauldron filled with Mushrooms and a Grim Reaper looking puppet that bursts to life with nasty Lightning Bolts. In game terms he is only 45 points. A bargain perhaps. I am going to complete another one using the same figure but with some minor conversion and color variation. The Evil Twins. 

About time I added these up for a Kings of War army list.
Fleabag Riders Horde 255
Fleabag Riders Regiment 145
Spitters Horde 140
Sharpsticks Legion 230
Wix 45
Total:  815 points 
Cool! Puts me well on the way to Goblin Domination!

Cheers From Brendon

Monday, February 12, 2018

Goblin Cavalry Horde for Kings of War

Hello. The Goblin Army expands with unit 3 completed.
This unit was a long time in the making as I started this more than a decade ago for Warhammer but abandoned it shortly after starting.
The Barrels on the unit base are from Renedra and the Dwarf (and Hammer) is from Mantic and the unit tray is plastic also from Mantic but the stones are from my yard (painted over of course).
The Dwarf is painted to match my Dwarf Army. One day they will face the Goblin threat in a day.
This unit felt like it took longer than previous units. Perhaps that was because of the uncomfortable feeling of painting some of the older Spider Riders that I had glued to the Spiders. Any cavalry is easier by not having the rider attached to the mount when painting.

One of the interesting aspects of the Goblin Army is that in my on-line readings players consider all units expendable and no unit is the stand out threat. As scary as this unit looks (especially to those who don't like spiders at all) it's in all likelihood not very tough.

Hopefully another unit gets added soon.
Cheers from Brendon.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Goblin Legion

For Kings of War this is a 'Legion' of Goblins. The second unit for my Goblin army project.
 'Legion' size is a foot print representation of 60, 20mm square based infantry.
I manged to get 32 Infantry painted but also 2 x giant spider rider cavalry to help fill the enormous base. A future goal is to complete another Legion as it's Goblins and that means quantity.
The spider cavalry is a preview of what will be completed next.
There is room for more Goblins on this base and I may place some more but I will wait till I am closer to having more of the army completed to see just how far I can stretch my collection.

You may have noticed the Spiders have hairy bodies. This was achieved by gluing flock onto them. I was not a fan of the Skull pattern sculpted onto some of the spiders so this covers that up.
Originally I had painted them black with red stripes but I wanted to get away from the Black usually associated with GW Night Goblins. The Spiders originally came with 'Forest Goblins' but I want my Army to be mostly the same hood wearing Goblins. Gloss varnish on the Spiders fangs and eyes adds a little visual interest on them.

Not the best photos but they generally portray the real thing. Probably too much contrast with the rocks ending up too bright.

Cheers from Brendon

Friday, February 2, 2018

Two Mounted Knights

These two 28mm Plastic Perry Miniatures Mounted Knights are Hero types for my Kings of War Historical or Fantasy army.
Lord Golden Helmet with all his additional colour will no doubt attract a lot of attention on the Battlefield. Perhaps his confidence makes him want to stand out in the crowd and his colour is way of saying "comes at me fool!"
I prepped a lot more of these Knight before the challenge and perhaps I should get back to them but for now project Goblin Army seems to be in front even though the Goblins had no prep work done prior to the challenge.

Cheers from Brendon